What is Fit Nest ?


Fit-Nest, the most unique fitness NFT to flourish. Being that bridge connector from web2 fitness brands to web3. Implementing futuristic concepts into modern day. Being a utility based project allows us to provide tremendous value. This is not just another NFT project. This is the project to change the fitness industry forever through our technology, services, and facilities. Join our discord to get updated on all new information, to learn more about the roadmap, and to connect with the family. See you there!

Our vision

Fit-Nest started off of as a small gym concept then exploding into this Fitness Utopia. Where we offer an all inclusive app, PT Mentorship program, and a real life gym. We want to revolutionize the fitness industry by being one of the first to introduce web3.0 technology into the space. We are starting off with a NFT collection of 8,000. The collection is based off of utilities we will be offering to our holders. Also not only limiting to fitness. After our NFT launch, we plan to turn Fit-Nest into a global fitness brand. This is not your ordinary NFT Project. This will be one of the most impacting business's that goes from "NFT Project" to an amazing respectable Fitness Brand. We want to set the new standard for other fitness brands to match. With your help, we can be the pioneers in this industry.


Stage 1

πŸ”Ά Starting the All Inclusive Fitness App (launch within 4 months of post mint)
πŸ”Ά Provide Holders with links to partnership stores
πŸ”Ά Twitter spaces with other Fitness Professionals
πŸ”Ά Begin PT Mentorship Program
πŸ”Ά Solidifying Fit - Nest Team

Stage 2

πŸ”Ά Set up DAO feature to receive 10% of the company
πŸ”Ά Begin Clothing line for holders only
πŸ”Ά Release fitness app to Holders

Stage 3

πŸ”Ά Begin pitching Investors for the fitness utopia gym, along with sharing the business plan
πŸ”Ά Introduce new collabs with other fitness brands

Stage 4

πŸ”Ά Release Fitness app 2.0 Version
πŸ”Ά Introduce sponsored fitness influencers
πŸ”Ά Free Customized hoodies for all holders
πŸ”Ά Start small supplement line for holders

Stage 5

πŸ”Ά Fit-Nest Gym begins construction
πŸ”Ά Weekly video updates through youtube
πŸ”Ά Allow holders to use the gym during construction phase
πŸ”Ά Official grand opening


Nestor A. Limas
President / Founder
Owner of his own Personal Training business located in Boston MA. Been personal training for over 4 years. Also a real estate enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions

Fit-Nest is a fitness utility based NFT. Will grant you may services that will be provided right after launch. We are wanting to build a legit fitness brand and being the first fitness company to implement web3.0 tech.

Reason for buying this NFT is because you are going to be apart of making history. Buy owning this NFT you'll also have equity share of 10% that we will be disturbing back to you after completing 1 full calendar year. You believed in us, helped us, and part of the family, so you should be rewarded.

Each NFT is 10% all Fit-Nest related product & services. By buying more you'll receive a higher discount % as well. By holding on to the NFT, you'll receive voting rights on big decisions that we would like to make for our company.

Opensea will be the market place for our NFT.